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High Integrity Software 2017 Conference — October 17 — Bristol, UK

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Keynote Address: Assured Software – A Journey and Discussion

Robert Martin

Senior Secure Software & Technology Principal Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

Robert Martin, Senior Secure Software & Technology Principal Engineer at The MITRE Corporation, will discuss the history and future of assuring software.

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Keynote Address: Unpatchable – Living with a Vulnerable Implanted Device

Dr. Marie Moe

Research Manager at SINTEF, Associate Professor at NTNU

Gradually we are all becoming more and more dependent on connected technology, we will be able to live longer with an increased quality of life due to medical devices and sensors integrated into our body. However, our dependence on technology grows faster than our ability to secure it, and a security failure of a medical device can have fatal consequences. Marie's life depends on the functioning of a medical device, a pacemaker that generates each and every beat of her heart. This talk is about Marie's personal experience with being the host of a vulnerable medical implant, and why she decided to start a hacking project, investigating the security of her own personal critical infrastructure.

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Technical Sessions

Technical sessions will include presentations on the challenges and solutions for engineering safe & secure software, with a focus on embedded, connected, infrastructure and defence systems.

Details to be announced.

Programme subject to change.

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