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High Integrity Software 2016 Conference | Bristol, UK | 1 November 2016

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Sharing information about key challenges and developments in high integrity software engineering.

High Integrity Software means trustworthy software: software that does exactly what it is intended to do – no less and no more.

Traditionally, the kind of engineering techniques required for producing high integrity software have been the preserve of critical systems, where safety, security or business functions can potentially be impaired. Such systems are often found in transportation, defence, and other critical national infrastructure. 

In the wider market, the public have become used to unreliable software, to the extent that it has become an accepted norm to have to switch things off and on again to get them to work. And rarely a week goes past without a major security leak or high-impact bug making international news.

Software and embedded systems are destined to become more and more pervasive and critical in our everyday lives with the growth of the IoT and continuous technological development in such fields as automation, Big data and autonomous vehicles. In these kind of systems unreliable software is simply not going to be acceptable, as its potential to compromise our everyday safety and security continues to grow.

The mission of the High Integrity Software conference is to share best practice across industrial domains. We feature talks from industrial and academic specialists which will help to disseminate experience and knowledge of important techniques and methods that are widely applicable  across the software industry.

If you are involved with the development of software that matters, join the high integrity software community at HIS 2017.

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